Pantry Clean Out / Grocery Store Tour

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Not ready or unsure about a 6 month commitment? Still curious about the healthy food? Is the food in your pantry really healthy? Then this is for you! It is no secret that the nutrient value of food has decreased over the years. Labeling laws are such that anyone can market their products with nutritional value when in fact there is none. I have spent many years reading up and following some of the most noteworthy individuals in the world of health and nutrition. The knowledge I have gained could save your life, and the lives of your loved ones. I will come to your house and examine what is your pantry. We will go over what should be eliminated and why, and offer suggestions for replacements. We will also go over what is good and why it is good.  After that, we decide on a grocery store and do some healthy economical shopping!Message me to schedule a pantry clean and or grocery store tour to get you on path to eating nutritious (and delicious) food!